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/~danggg [27 Jun 2005|11:44am]
new EL JAY!!! go add it. :) bye, sh1ft.

time to go eat some yummy thai food.
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why does my heart beat fast when i feel weird? [09 Jun 2005|08:27pm]
life has been pretty weird. i'm actually looking forward to going to high school. i can't believe school ends in five days! it's crazy! this year went by so fast.

i have so much i want to post. but i'm lazy and i would rather talk to my friends. just wait till summer, i'll be posting a lot more then.

me being my crazy (or not so crazy) self.

pssst, i'll also be sure to catch up on all your lj's soon!
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so... [25 May 2005|10:40pm]
so, is it annoying i just come here to plug my new layouts?

version five of my blog!!! :]

i'll update this baby this weekend.
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help [17 Apr 2005|07:18pm]
hey. i need help with my livejournal layout! does anyone know how to get the date all the way to the right? and does anyone know how to center the navigation at the bottom? and does anyone know to only have 5 entries per page? HELP! thanks so much.

i want more livejournal friends and comments. add me.
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